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Prescription Assistance

Prescription Assistance Overview

The MFHC helps patients apply to Prescription Assistance Programs (PAPs). Through Prescription Assistance Programs, many pharmaceutical companies provide free or significantly discounted medications to patients who qualify.

To qualify for programs, patients must have no public or private prescription drug coverage, including through government assistance programs (Medicaid, Medicare Part D, VA, etc.

Enrollment Process

In order to sign up for Prescription Assistance Programs, patients should call the Clinic to set up an appointment. (See our Current Schedule for times). The MFHC helps patients with their initial application as well as prescription refills and annual program renewal.

Please bring the following documents to your appointment:

  1. Bring ALL prescriptions you are currently taking. This includes recently written prescriptions from your healthcare provider. If possible, prescriptions should be written for 90 day increments and should last for at least one year. If your prescription is not written this way, please contact your doctor’s office.
  2. Assemble proof of your entire household income (meaning ANYONE living under your roof over the age of 18 years). For proof of your entire household income, you should bring a copy of last year’s federal tax returns for your entire household (1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, or 1099).
    • If you do not file taxes and are on Social Security, we must have a 1099 and your Benefits Statement from the current year.
    • If you currently have no source of income, you can fill out a zero income form at the MFHC.

* If any of the following documents apply to your situation, please bring them with you as well: Medicaid Denial Letter, SNAP Benefits Letter, Unemployment Documentation (copy of unemployment letter, layoff, termination etc.), Worker’s Compensation Letter or Proof of Determination.

Already Enrolled Patients

For our patients who have already enrolled in a pharmaceutical prescription assistance program, please remember the following:

  • Patients should allow 4-6 weeks for the pharmaceutical company to process the application and for the medications to be received. If you are having difficulty affording prescriptions, the clinic may be able to find alternative financial assistance for you in the meantime.
  • Please contact the clinic AT LEAST 30 days before you will need a refill.
  • Once the first prescription is filled, patients are eligible for the prescription assistance program for up to one year, and patients are required to renew their application annually.
  • If your income or health insurance situation changes, please inform the clinic so we can re-evaluate your eligibility for prescription assistance.
The Moab Free Health Clinic cannot help you receive prescription assistance for Controlled Substances or Narcotics.